Saturday, August 1, 2020

Friday, August 16, 2019

New Bunny Gentaro

Back in April, we brought home a baby bunny. I named him Gentaro. (Named after a gorilla in the Kyoto City Zoo!)

 He has an extra long tail. :D

Gentaro square bunloaf.

 Here he is today. Two days ago he was neutered. He's already jumping around like nothing happened. :)
He has these two funny fur tufts on either side of his tail. :D

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday, December 5, 2015

I started collecting these bow tie figurines years ago. Every one of them had chipped paint on the bow ties. The little black kitteh had chipped paint all over. I just recently bought some ceramic enamel to restore them. The red paint matched exactly. :) 
(I've added a few to the collection since taking the top photo.)

 The cat that started it all. :D I got him when I was twelve.
I got my original kitteh many brothers! One more arrived in the mail today:
I cant seem to find information anywhere on who made these. Some people are saying "Arnart", others say "Wales Japan". I think they're just guessing...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vintage clocks I've added to my collection recently. They're nothing really spectacular or valuable, but most of them bring back pleasant childhood memories. :)
 A Spartus starburst like one my grandparents had years ago. :)
 We had a gold leaf clock identical to this in our living room when I was a small child. The cat clock originally had a swinging tail and her eyes opened and closed. I converted both clocks to quartz movements. Both of these are Spartus clocks.
Two more Spartus clocks. The black one was on Ebay for quite awhile. I fell in love with it, but I thought it was too expensive. The seller kept relisting it. I was sure someone would snatch it up... finally it disappeared for weeks. I thought it had been sold, but suddenly it reappeared, and I made up my mind to buy it! :D 
It was a bit of a pain to convert to quartz, but well worth it! It actually has a reverse movement in it.
The plate clock is identical to one my grandparents had in their kitchen for years.
A massive General Electric Telechron school clock. It's now in my living room. I dont need my bifocals to read that big dial!

I've got three more Spartus clocks from the 70's in the works at the moment. Also two "slave" clock conversions I'm working on. (A Simplex and a Standard.)

When I remove the electric movements from these, I put them up for auction on Ebay. I hope someone can use them! I'll be listing more in the near future: